Best Wood Chip Picks for an Upgraded Garden

Best Wood Chip Picks for an Upgraded Garden

Creating a garden you can enjoy both practically and aesthetically means selecting the best products for the job. Landscape hardwood chips are one of the options available for a range of purposes in your garden that complement the specific needs of your plants while ensuring the garden's layout aligns with your visual preferences. Wood chips primarily serve the purpose of mulching, which we will explore more in this article.

Why opt for wood chips?

With different options available for landscaping, why should you choose wood chips over other options? Wood chips come with multiple benefits including:

  • Great appearance: landscape hardwood chips are aesthetically pleasing and look great when used in planting beds, as a pathway material or for other purposes.

  • Effective mulching: wood chips make a highly effective mulch for garden and pots, helping to improve the health of your plants by maintaining moisture levels and managing soil temperatures.

  • Weed suppressant: weeds can quickly kill off your favourite plants as they fight for nutrients within the soil, wood chips can block out the light essential for weeds to grow, allowing your plants to flourish. You can team bark chips with a weed membrane for maximum coverage and to keep weeds fully at bay.

What You Can Use Wood Chips For

You can use wood chips in many different ways to help elevate your garden’s appearance and also aid your plants’ growth. In addition to mulching, wood chips are great for:


If you keep poultry of any kind, wood chip for chickens are perfect for creating a comfortable floor covering for your poultry run. It’s the perfect choice for chickens who love to scratch without any lasting damage to your garden.


If you’ve got a swing set, climbing frame or other equipment to keep the kids entertained, a soft ground surface helps to avoid any unwanted bumps. Wood chips make a safe and natural play surface and specialise playground bark chips are of a certified standard to ensure safety.


Create a clear and attractive route around your garden with landscape hardwood chips laid over a weed barrier. Wood chip pathways can prevent soil erosion and avoid muddy paths building up during the wetter months.

Choosing Landscape Bark Chips

The best wood chips for your garden project will depend on their purpose. Our range of specialist products for playgrounds, poultry and more ensures you can select the right type of chips for your needs. Our wood chips are available in bulk, and you can find budget options to suit your garden size, project and intended purpose.