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Our play sand is perfect for creating a fun playground for your children. Who didn't love playing in a sandpit as a child. You can't just put any type of sand in your sandbox. Our high-quality silica play sand is preferred since it's washed, safe and non-toxic. Do you have any questions about our product range? Feel free to contact us

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A sandbox in your garden? Great idea!

Naturally quarried, this moist silica sand is the perfect loose impact-absorbing surface for children’s play areas and all other landscaping requirements, private or public. The sand meets the highest quality and safety standards, since harmful stuff and dust is removed in the process. This is contrary to all other types of sand. Our play sand is fire suppressant and will not stain or discolour clothing. The sand is long-lasting as long as you maintain it properly by regular raking and sifting. This way, play sand can stay in your sand box for about two years. The sand is packed in a small and easy to handle bag that we can deliver right to your doorstep. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this or our other products.