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Our eco-friendly Peat Free Coco Products will bring your garden, as well as the planet, to a greener level. In our webshop, we offer you the 100% organic product of Coco & Coir. Because of its handy packaging, the coco products from this brand are much lighter than compost bags. Choose from our selection of specially formulated coconut composts that take care of your garden’s needs, whether you’re a professional or simply an enthusiastic starter, just getting into gardening.

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Our Coco & Coir products

Coco & Coir products are a range of products in easy handle boxes that just require rehydrating with water at the point of use. Coir derives from the husk of the coco, between the shell and the outer coating, and is a waste product of the fruit. It's completely sustainable and provides all the essential nutrients for the healthy growth of plants. Perfect to put to use in the garden! Its open texture helps to break up heavy clay soils and it improves water and nutrient retention in light, sandy soils. It also encourages beneficial soil microorganisms, essential for healthy plant growth. It is the perfect alternative to peat, and other peat substitutes, especially as it lasts three times longer in use. Our range of peat-free coir composts covers all your plant growing needs. 

Peat free Coco products

How to use the coco products

Choose from our selection of specially formulated composts, simply add warm water and watch the coir expand to the perfect compost to nurture your plants growth. Just 4.5kg of coco chip will re-hydrate into 60 litres of growing media. How?
  1. Place block in a suitable container.

  2. Add lukewarm water.

  3. Wait 20 mins. Stir the compost and use it in your garden.

Order your peat free coco products online. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product range.

Peat free compost

Buy Peat Free Coco Products Online | BARK UK Online

Coco & Coir products | BARK UK Online

Easy to use

We supply our peat-free composts in easy to handle 60-litre or 50-litre bags. Our coco products are supplied in easy to handle 5kg boxes. Our fast delivery service means that if you order with us before 12.00 pm on a working day, the bags will usually be delivered within three to four working days! We also supply many different types of bark and mulch.