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Say bye-bye to uninvited weeds! We have a range of budget-friendly and heavy-duty weed suppressants in popular sizes with fixing pegs available. One of the most frequently applied preventive measures against weeds in your garden is using a weed membrane. Such a suppressant is woven from black plastic and has the advantage that it allows water to pass through. Light or root growth, on the other hand, will not stand a chance. You can now order your weed suppressants from Bark UK Online. We deliver nationwide.

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Advantages of weed control fabric

Weed membrane is a godsend when you want to pave a part of your garden or want to decorate it with gravel, split or wood chips. Our weed control fabric is manufactured from woven high-quality polypropylene. It is therefore ideal for use under patio slabs, decking, block paving or professional planting. It is suitable for more demanding domestic and commercial growing applications. And did you know that anti-root membrane is also an environmentally-friendly choice? This type of weed suppressant does not release any harmful substances. You no longer need to regularly use toxic weed killers with harmful chemicals, which also saves time and money.


How to use weed control fabric

When using a weed membrane, the first point of attention is making sure that the soil is flat and even. This way, there are no irregularities in the canvas, and you can easily place the fabric. This type of weed suppressant is usually supplied in the form of a package or on a roll. To start: stretch the material well and tightly over the surface. Then make a narrow slot on all sides with a spade and tuck the cloth into the slots, keeping a depth of 20 to 30 centimetres. Do you have too much fabric? You can easily cut this off with a sharp utility knife. Finally, press the soil for extra firmness. You can use ground spikes to secure the root cloth extra well and nicely. You simply hammer the pegs into the ground. With gravel or split, you do not necessarily need pegs to secure the fabric, as the stones are heavy enough. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product range.

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Protect your plants

In our webshop, you'll also find products to protect your plants against frost and cold. Fleece plant covers give weaker, less frost-resistant plants a greater chance of surviving the winter unscathed. They ensure that heavy rain, hail and other precipitation cannot damage the plants in your garden. The covers are specially made so that they allow air and water to pass through. This means that the plant is not suffocated and you do not have to give extra water. Wrap the plant in several layers with a plant protection cover and enjoy them again in spring! Our Apollo Garden Frost Fleece Cover provides all year round protection of plants and seeds, offering warmth and moisture retention and providing a natural barrier against birds and insects. The fleece also protects your plants against pests and diseases.