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Find all accessories you may need to organise your garden here in our webshop. Chicken wire netting, weed control membrane, membrane pegs and Flexi Curve garden borders are just three of the essential garden products that can help you maintain your garden. Order your garden accessories online at Bark UK Online!

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Galvanised Wire

Flexi-Curve Borders

The Flexi-Curve border is a versatile and functional product that can be used to enhance the appearance of any garden or outdoor space. This border is designed to create a neat and attractive edging around flower beds, pathways, and other garden features. One of the key benefits of this product is its flexibility. This makes it an excellent choice for gardens with irregular shapes or uneven terrain.

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Weed Membrane

Say bye-bye to uninvited weeds! We have a range of budget-friendly and heavy-duty weed suppressants in popular sizes with fixing pegs available. One of the most frequently applied preventive measures against weeds in your garden is using a weed membrane. Such a suppressant is woven from black plastic and has the advantage that it allows water to pass through. Light or root growth, on the other hand, will not stand a chance.

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A little extra for your plants

If you want to keep all your plants happy and healthy, giving them the right kind of plant food is something that should be high on your priority list. In our webshop you can, for example, find Osmocote Preplant. This product provides the ultimate season-long nutritional needs for trees, plants and shrubs. Preplant has a consistent release pattern due to the unique resin coating technology, providing nutrition when the plants needs it.

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