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When installing a playground, it is important to think about the flooring of your play area. Of course, you want your children to play on a surface that is certified as safe. Play grade bark and wood chips are materials that are safe and suitable for children's play areas, though they can also be used in general garden applications where a larger particle size bark or chip is preferred. All of our play bark and wood chips are certified to stringent British standards. Order your play grade surfaces online at Bark UK Online!

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Play bark & bark nuggets

Play bark is a great product that helps protect children when falling from a height in places such as playgrounds and gardens. Our FSC certified play bark chippings and nuggets meet the two main standards to be qualified as play grade bark: they are ignition resistance and impact absorbing. All of our play bark chippings and wood chips come from manufacturers that meet or even exceed these standards. The play bark and play bark nuggets are the same material, however, the play bark nuggets have a larger particle size. Used as a border bark, the pine nuggets help protect plant roots, retain soil moisture and serves as a very effective weed suppressant mulch. 

How to use our play bark

Our play bark is a quality bark material with an 8-40 mm particle size, that can be used for private and public play areas as well as a general garden mulch. Bark is made from the soft outer layer of trees and is, therefore, a very safe surface for your children to play on. Play bark has a pleasant dark brown and red appearance that is non-staining and offers great protection from frost for your flower beds. For private play areas, we would recommend a minimum depth of 10-15 centimetres and 15-30 centimetres for public areas. When used as a border bark, play bark retains its colour and size longer than most other organic mulches. With regular raking, play bark can last for years.

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Play grade wood chips

Both play wood chips and play bark are a great addition to your children's play area. They are perfectly safe, they look good and are 100% natural. As a rule, bark is softer to the touch and darker in appearance than wood chip. Wood chips, on the other hand, are more hard-wearing and longer-lasting than pure bark materials. This is because play chip is wood sourced from the innermost part of the tree. Our personal favourite play material, therefore, is the hardwood chip. Play chip is hard-wearing, durable, clean, good-looking and of good value. We recommend wood chips if you have a play area that needs to withstand the impact of foot traffic and the fun games of your children.

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Play sand for children

Create a fun playground for your children by adding a nice sandpit! Of course, you can not just put any type of sand in your sandbox. Our high-quality silica play sand is preferred since it's washed, safe and non-toxic. Naturally quarried, this moist silica sand is the perfect loose impact-absorbing surface for children’s play areas and all other landscaping requirements, private or public. The sand meets the highest quality and safety standards, and is packed in a small and easy to handle bag. It is fire suppressant and will not stain or discolour clothing. If you have any questions regarding our product range, please contact us.

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