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Our hardwood chips for landscaping are the perfect addition to your garden. Hardwood chips are more hard-wearing than mulch and bark chippings and break down much more slowly and cleanly. Hardwood chips have a 5-50 millimetres particle size. A minimum of 90% of these chips comprise of ash, beech, birch, oak and sycamore wood, and a small percentage is softwood. The chips are supplied in bulk bags of approximately 1000 litres and large bulk bags of 2000 litres. Loose loads are available for quantities over 15 cubic metres. Order your landscape hardwood chips online. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product range. 

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Why use hardwood chips for landscaping

Take your garden project to a more beautiful and sustainable level by adding some wood chips. We offer you chips that were created especially for landscaping, private as well as public. The chips have a beautiful brownish colour that immediately brings that peaceful, natural woodland feel to the outdoor space. Use the chips for walking paths or to decorate the flowerbeds in your garden. You can also use them in playgrounds or chicken run. The possibilities are endless.

Chicken run bedding

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Decorative, yet practical

Because of their decorative look, the hardwood chips in this category are ideal for all private and public landscaping areas, such as schools, office gardens and parks. They even have this natural smell after some rain has fallen. How lovely! But hardwood chips don't only have a decorative aspect; the chips provide healthy soil without weeds spreading out all over your flowerbed. Because the wood chips become moist, a breeding ground is created in which healthy bacteria can develop. These will help your plants grow happy and healthy. In addition, more critters such as worms and woodlice will find their way to your garden. This is better for the soil since they help to make compost from old leaves, grass and other green waste. Also, when the soil no longer receives daylight, weeds will not grow there. It's a win-win situation!

Bark and mulch

More local wildlife

As said before, our hardwood chips regulate soil temperatures and therefore improve its structure. Put a layer of around 5 centimetres on the ground for the chips to become beneficial to your soil. The chips, as a result, will attract friendly lice and worms. They love to visit your garden when you add some hardwood chips in border, flowerbeds or as a pathway. But there's more local wildlife that loves the chips of wood in your garden. Birds like to use wood chips to build nests. Seeing all these birds 'stealing' one chip at a time to use for their new home is a very appealing sight. Other beneficial creatures, like certain insects, will also feel very welcome.

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