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Do you own a poultry run or are you thinking of getting one? After deciding how many chickens or other birds you are willing to keep, the key element to keeping poultry is the selection and construction and of the correct housing. A suitable coop or run is needed to contain your poultry and protect them from predators. As you know there multiple options to choose from. The same goes for the wire and surface material.

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Housing your poultry

When buying or building a run, it is essential to look at the wire's quality. Our galvanised chicken wire is perfect for anything from fencing to pet runs. It is the ideal barrier for keeping things either in or out. Straw, bark and sand are all materials used as bedding for your birds. Bark UK Online only offers you the best materials to create the best housing for your poultry. Our advice? Add wood chips to the surface of the soil base of your run! They are made from hardwood and will not break down easily in the chicken run. They help keep your bedding dry and ore one of the easiest run materials to clean and replace: a great start for healthy poultry.

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Buy Chicken Run Wood Chips | BARK UK Online

Bird flu

Following numerous avian influenza cases in both wild and captive birds in the United Kingdom, it is more important than ever to help protect chickens, turkeys, ducks and other poultry. As decided by the government, all wild birds and poultry must be kept indoors to stop bird flu outbreaks. This way, we can minimize risks as much as possible. Since often new housing for the birds is required, there has never been a better time to think about the kind of floor covering that suits the poultry run or coop best. As you know, we have the answer: hardwood chips!

Benefits of wood chips for your poultry run

Wood chipsThere are multiple reasons why wood chippings are the best choice, especially when thinking about the measures that need to be taken because of the bird flu. Here are some advantages of using wood chippings in your pet run:
  • Who likes muddy feet? An important factor in deciding how what flooring material to use is how easy it is to clean. Dry bedding is essential, especially during winter, and wood chips absorb more moisture than many other mulches.
  • They are an economical choice: they help with drainage, will not break down easily and therefore, hardwood chips will last longer than most other options.
  • That is also why you will not need to replenish the chips as often as other materials. They probably only need to be topped up once or twice a year.
  • Wood chips help keep smells to a minimum, as they reduce the ammonia in the air that comes out of the chicken droppings.
  • Chippings give poultry something to scratch in all day and find bugs, grubs and seeds.

How to use the wood chippings

Pour a layer of around 5 centimetres of wood chippings into the run or coop. This will keep the chips from mixing with the soil beneath. It makes washing out the run and giving the chips a good rake way easier. Turn over the chippings around once a month and replace the chippings once or twice per year. Did you know soiled chippings make for a good mulch you can use for your plants?

Buy Chicken Run Wood Chips | BARK UK Online

Buy Chicken Run Wood Chips | BARK UK Online

Buy poultry run wood chips online

To conclude, hardwood chips are hard-wearing, clean, good-value and therefore perfect for adding to the chicken run's soil base. All of Bark UK Online’s wood products are produced from 100% natural, clean, renewable, environmentally friendly sources. We can supply our products in 70L bags, large bulk bags for quantities from 1 cubic metre and over, or large loose loads for quantities over 20 cubic metres. If you have any questions regarding our product range, please contact us.

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