Wood chips for Garden

As you know, at Bark UK Online we online offer you environmentally friendly garden material. Take our versatile wood chips for example. Wood chips are small pieces of wood formed by the chipping of trees, branches, stumps and wood waste. They are ideal for many applications: from garden pathways, flower beds and garden borders to playground surfaces and chicken runs or coops. The chippings are a habitat and food source for soil organisms, they nurse plants, slowly release nutrients to the soil and save water. Other than that, wood chips are a cost-effective yet aesthetically interesting addition to any outdoor space. 

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Why use wood chippings?

We already mentioned some of the reasons why you should consider adding wood chips to your garden, playground, vegetable garden or chicken run, but there are way more advantages. For example, the chippings improve the soils ability to absorb and hold water. They provide a slow release of nutrients for plants, enhancing soil fertility. Also, wood chips reduce pests and erosion. They are an impact-resistant surface material and very easy to implement and replace. As mentioned, they are an inexpensive material that will give you the benefit of not having to worry about weeds growing everywhere. 

Wood chip product types

We offer you two types of wood chips:
  • Hardwood chips
  • Softwood chips
Hardwood chip is made from a mixture of hardwoods, whilst the softwood is 100% pine wood. The hardwood chip is a popular choice for playgrounds, chicken coops and chicken runs, whilst the softwood chip is a good value product for garden paths. All of our wood chips conform to BS 4790 (ignition resistance) and BS EN 1177: 1998 (an Impact Absorbing Playground Surfacing test), which means they are tested to make sure they are suitable for all types of playground areas. 

How to Use Wood Chippings in the Garden

  • Mulching: Wood chippings make excellent mulch, helping to conserve moisture, suppress weed growth, and regulate soil temperature. Spread a layer of wood chippings around plants, trees, or shrubs, ensuring they don't come into direct contact with the stems or trunks.
  • Play Areas: For a safe and natural play surface, spread wood chippings in play areas, such as under swings or climbing frames. Ensure the wood chippings are installed at an appropriate depth to provide adequate cushioning.
  • Pathways: Create attractive pathways in your garden by laying wood chippings over a weed barrier. This not only adds visual appeal but also prevents soil erosion and muddy paths during wet weather.

Wood chips or bark chips?

Here at Bark UK Online we offer you different types of sustainable soil covering materials, like ornamental bark chippings and wood chippings. But what is their difference? Their name might tell you already: one is only made from the bark of the tree, while the other is made from its inside and branches. Hardwood chip is more hard-wearing than mulch and bark chippings, and it breaks down much more slowly and cleanly. They are also the hardier and therefore more durable option. Bark is softer and therefore helps protect children when falling from a height in places such as play grounds and gardens. It is known to last for a few years and is, some say, visually more attractive than wood chips. Whatever pro or con weighs heavier for you, both are a great addition to your project.

Buy Wood Chips Online | BARK UK Online

Buy Wood Chips Online | BARK UK Online

Chips in your playground area

Our hardwood chips are the second hardest material of all the play materials, giving a long life whilst still offering British standard safety protection. They are safe, soft and therefore for covering the soil of a playground. We recommend a minimum depth of 10-15 centimetres for private play areas and 20-30 centimetres for public play areas. Our fast delivery service means that if you order with us before 12.00 pm on a working day, the wood chips will be delivered within three working days.
We also supply other playground materials, like play area bark and play sand. If you have any questions regarding our product range, please contact us.