Play area bark nuggets

Take your garden design plans to the next level! Add our play area bark nuggets to a border, flower bed or play area to give it an impact-resistant, safe and decorative feel. Our play bark nuggets are non-staining, durable and frost resistant. The reddish-brown colour makes the nuggets an attractive addition to any public or private garden. Do you have any questions about our play bark range? Feel free to contact us! We provide nationwide delivery, direct to sites.

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Why use play area bark nuggets?

Since the bark nuggets are so versatile, there are multiple reasons why you should add them to your outdoor space. As the name suggests, the pine nuggets are made from the shredded bark of pine trees. Our pine nuggets contain minimal dust, white wood content and very few fines. The nuggets are usually a bit bigger than the finely shredded pieces of bark. Because of their chunky size, nuggets are the more aesthetic choice to a lot of people, but which size or texture you choose in end always depends on your own taste. Then there is the more functional side: bark nuggets help protect plant roots, retain soil moisture and serve as a very effective weed suppressant mulch.