Premium Play Area Bark

You only want the best for your garden, right? Why not add our premium play area bark to your border, flower bed or playground? In this category you'll find the highest quality of pine bark on the market. This product range is best suited for projects where appearances are very important, since it probably is the most decorative type of bark. Do you have any questions about our play area bark range? Feel free to contact us! All bark products are produced from 100% natural, clean, renewable and environmentally friendly sources.

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Why add premium bark to your garden?

Looking for the best possible bark for your garden project or playground? Our premium play grade mark is a stunning reddish-brown bark material and ideal for high-end projects where appearance and safety are of the highest priority. The bark is very suitable for decorative covering of borders and planters, and as a walkway or underneath playground equipment. It's weed resistant, an excellent moisture regulator and, in summer, bark protects the soil from drought and excessive evaporation. In winter, on the other hand, the bark will protect against frost due to its insulating effect. Our grade bark contains less than 5% white wood and no more than 2% dust or fines.