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Organic Peat Free Compost is our 100% peat free general-purpose tree and shrub planting compost. It's ideal for most applications where the benefits of adding nutrients and structure to the soil are required. BarkUK Online is committed to the idea of growing the best plants in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way without using peat. Peat has been found to add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. Unlike peat, these products contain only natural ingredients and don't affect groundwater. They also help growing plants more nutritiously because of its 100% organic ingredients. Order your peat free compost online. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product range. 

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Composting plants

What is peat free compost?

Peat is a natural product consisting of composted plants and mosses from peat bogs. Peat extraction kills swamps, while swamps are incredibly important for carbon storage. Moreover, a dead swamp area creates more carbon in the atmosphere. It's ecological vandalism, more or less. Because of the huge peat extraction, there is less peat left for the wildlife and some species are in danger of becoming extinct. Peat free compost blends soil, organic matter, and composting particles together to increase structure in the soil and add a more mineral-rich soil product to the garden, without harming the planet.

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Why use peat free compost?

To prevent the soil from becoming exhausted and the soil structure from deteriorating, it is advisable to add compost. Due to extensive exhaustion of your garden soil, at a certain point, it will lack many important nutrients. This as a result disrupts the natural process. Plant-based composts are designed to provide plants with the best nutrients. Since peat can retain water and nutrients very well, it has always been an important component of compost. Until now. The carbon in peat, when spread on a field or garden, quickly turns into carbon dioxide, adding to greenhouse gas levels and accelerating climate change. Peat free compost is made with other types of composted biomass that do less harm to the world than peat, like wood, coir and green compost, while still doing its job as it should.

Peat free Coco products

Buy Peat Free Compost Online | BARK UK Online

Buy Peat Free Compost Online | BARK UK Online

Easy to use

We supply our peat-free composts in easy to handle 60-litre or 50-litre bags. Our coco products are supplied in easy to handle 5kg boxes. Our fast delivery service means that if you order with us before 12.00 pm on a working day, the bags will usually be delivered within three to four working days! We also supply many different types of bark and mulch.