Hardwood Chippings for Chicken Run

Are you looking for a durable and hard-wearing garden product? Why not add our hardwood chips to your flower beds, vegetable garden, garden path, play area or chicken run!? You can already tell, our hardwood chips are very versatile. Wood chips are a practical addition to your outdoor space, but they are also a very attractive and decorative organic matter. Our hardwood chips can take your garden plans to the next level. Do you have any questions about our wood chippings range? Feel free to contact us! We provide nationwide delivery, direct to sites.

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The advantages of hardwood chips

Hardwood chippings are suitable for all kinds of landscape gardening uses and an ideal material for many applications. All of our wood products are produced from 100% natural, clean, renewable, environmentally friendly sources. The eco-friendly hardwood chips are more hard-wearing than mulch and bark chippings, and break down much more slowly. This makes them a very economical choice. They also improve the soils ability to absorb and hold water, and provide a slow release of nutrients for plants, enhancing soil fertility. Also, wood chips reduce weeds, pests and erosion. They are an impact-resistant surface material and very easy to implement and maintain. 

Buy Hardwood chips online | BARK UK Online

Buy Hardwood chips online | BARK UK Online

Hardwood chips in your play area

Produced from a variety of hardwood species, our hardwood chippings are an environment-friendly, cost-effective and durable addition to any outdoor space. They also are an attractive and practical flooring material for play areas, since they conform to British standards in regard to playground safety. Hardwood chips have a 5-30 millimetres particle size and we recommend a minimum depth of 10-15 centimetres for private play areas and 20-30 centimetres for public play areas. If you have any further questions about our hardwood chippings, don't hesitate to contact us here at Bark UK Online.