Garden Bark Mulch

Mulch is an excellent product to offer protection to flower beds and borders. Our mulch has a particle size of 0-40 millimetres and is used in gardens and large landscape projects where are cost-effective mulch material is needed. It helps enrich the soil with nutrients and organic matter whilst also providing an effective protective layer to your plants, forming a barrier against frost, and helping to retain moisture through the warmer months. Besides its more functional aspects, our woodland mulch gives your flower beds an attractive and decorative update.

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Why use mulch?

Woodland mulch is suitable for all landscape gardening uses, including mulch for borders, paths and other decorative garden areas. It's a great way to make finishing touches to areas of your landscaped garden, such as borders and beds, or planters, pots and containers. Woodland mulch also suppresses garden weeds and can be used for water conservation. Our bulk bags contain approximately 1000 litres of mulch and is produced from a mix of softwood and hardwood chips.

Buy Mulch Online | BARK UK Online

Buy Mulch online | BARK UK Online

How to use our mulch?

Our woodland mulch is composted for at least six weeks to remove any traces of green. This ensures that the mulch is of consistent quality. Mulch is best applied to warm, moist, but also weeded soil. Spring and autumn are the most suitable seasons since winters are too cold and summers are too dry. Apply woodland mulch evenly to a depth of around 5 to 7 centimetres thick. This way, it reduces unnecessary evaporation from the soil surface. Single trees and specimen shrubs are best mulched to the radius of the canopy. If you have any questions regarding our product range, please contact us.

Controlling weeds by mulching

Mulching (putting a layer of compost, bark, gravel or other material) on the soil suppresses weeds by blocking light from the seeds, stopping them from germinating. Mulching with organic matter like compost is also great for the soil, improving its structure.  Mulch flower beds annually, using a 5cm (2in) layer of compost or well-rotted garden manure. Bark chips make a good mulch around shrubs. 

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