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Compost is beneficial to the garden's soil in several ways. By adding compost to the soil, its structure improves and its fertility increases. Nutrients are more accessible for plants. It's the most environmentally friendly fertilizer since compost is created by the digestion of plant material. Compost is actually nothing more than the remains of plants that have been made into mulch by the organisms in the soil. We supply 4 types of compost:
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Why use compost?

Due to extensive exhaustion of your garden soil, at a certain point, it will lack many important nutrients. This as a result disrupts the natural process. To prevent the soil from becoming exhausted and the soil structure from deteriorating, it is advisable to add compost. Good compost contains organic nutrients. These are natural nutrients that are released into the soil very slowly. Plants can then absorb them and grow strong. Compost ensures that soil can retain moisture better and it promotes healthy and strong root growth. It's most beneficial to put a thick layer of organic materials around your plants once a year. This also has the advantage that plants can withstand the cold better. For flowerbeds, it is best to use compost only during spring. 

Bark and mulch 


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Peat Free Compost

Easy to use

We supply our peat-free composts in easy to handle 60-litre or 50-litre bags. Our coco products are supplied in easy to handle 5kg boxes. Our fast delivery service means that if you order with us before 12.00 pm on a working day, the bags will usually be delivered within three to four working days! We also supply many different types of bark and mulch.

How to use compost?

With compost, you mix organic matter into your soil which in result nourishes it. Apply a layer of 2 centimetres of compost to your border or lawn and mix well into the top layer (the first 20 centimetres) of the soil. For the ornamental garden, spread a layer of 2 to 5 millimetres of compost around your plants and lightly turn the soil with a rake. Compost can be applied year-round, but during spring and autumn is most common. You cannot use unmixed compost as potting soil.

Buy Compost Online | BARK UK Online