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Get ready to sow! Our cell pack and seed trays are perfect for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty and grow their own plants, flowers or vegatables. The seed tray makes it super easy! Order Bark UK's cell pack and seeds trays in our online shop now. We deliver nationwide. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product range. 

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Why you should start growing your own plants

Whether you have just started or have been passionate about your vegetable garden for some time, growing your own plants is an enriching and fun activity. Not to mention the sustainability that comes with the hobby! Sow your own basil, grow the prettiest flowers and harvest the juiciest strawberries. Start growing indoors for vigorous seedlings, and then let them enjoy the sun's rays outside. Before you know it, all those goodies will be on your plate or stealing the spotlight in your garden. Our seed trays are made from recycled plastic and are divided into 6 or 9 individual cells, making it a piece of cake to organise and plan your plant-growing hobby. 

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Buy Cell Packs or Seed Trays Online | BARK UK Online

Order Cell packs or Seed Trays Online | BARK UK Online

How to get started?

Get ready for some homegrown produce and start sowing today! Fill the cells in your seed tray with special potting soil, then scatter the seeds in it and lightly press the soil. After that, moisten the soil with a sprayer. Why a sprayer and not a watering can? With a watering can you rinse away the seeds, which is definitely not what you want. Place the cell pack on a tray and don't forget to label your newly planted seeds. Place the tray in a sunny spot. Direct lighting is recommended for about 14 hours a day. All there is left to do is wait for something green to pop up. Enjoy the process to the fullest!


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