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The first step in protecting your soil: Weed control membrane or Mulch?

02 June, 2022
The first step in protecting your soil: Weed control membrane or Mulch?
The last thing you want is weeds to grow in the midst of your newly planted flower bed. Not only is it unpleasant to look at, weeds also compete for the nutrients in the soil that are meant for your flowers and plants. And weeds grow fast, faster than most ornamental plants and therefore take up space in your flower bed which is very important for your own plants to grow and flourish.

At Bark UK Online we offer various protective solutions for your garden space. The most common choice always lies between weed control membrane or mulch. But how to decide between the two? We are happy to give you some insights in the benefits of both mulch and weed control membrane, making it easier for you and your plants!

The benefits of weed control membrane

Weed control membrane is a budget-friendly and heavy-duty weed suppressant. This membrane is woven from black plastic that prevents weeds from growing while allowing water and air to pass through. Weed control membrane is an easy and quick solution to cover and protect your soil from unwanted weeds. On the other hand, for aesthetic reasons we recommend covering the membrane with wood chips. Looking at this sheet of black plastic does not uplift the look of your garden.

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Mulch and its purpose

Similar things are to say about mulch. Many garden professionals prefer mulch over membrane as it is an organic solution that is, like wood chips, filled with extra nutrients for your plants. The purpose of mulch is to block light, which prevents weeds from growing. Our organic mulches help conserve water in your soil, feed the soil with its nutrients and prevent the soil from erosion. Mulch also creates a border between your flower bed and weeds, leaving all the compost and plant food for your flower bed only.

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How to decide

There are pros and cons to both weed control membrane and mulch. Weed membrane is a godsend when you want to pave a part of your garden or want to decorate it with gravel, split or wood chips. Our weed control fabric is manufactured from woven high-quality polypropylene. It is therefore ideal for use under patio slabs, decking, block paving or professional planting. Mulch is an excellent product to offer protection to flower beds and borders. Our mulch helps enrich the soil with nutrients and organic matter whilst also providing an effective protective layer to your plants, forming a barrier against frost, and helping to retain moisture through the warmer months. Besides its more functional aspects, our woodland mulch gives your flower beds an attractive and decorative update.

A combination of the two

At Bark UK we often recommend our customers to choose a combination of weed control membrane and mulch. Cover your soil with a weed control membrane to fight those feisty weeds and prevent them from breaking through your flower bed. In addition, add some mulch to the surface to enhance the nutrients and food intake of your plants. With this combination you get the best protection possible for your soil while having an aesthetically pleasing look of your garden.

Order your protection online at Bark UK Online

At Bark UK Online, you can easily order your soil protection and quickly buy different types of mulch and weed control membrane. After having made the selection of the right type of protection for your soil, you can easily place the order online. Simply add the product needed to your shopping cart. We deliver to your home within 2 to 5 working days and our delivery is done for free! In the case of any question regarding protective solutions for your garden, do not hesitate to contact us.

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