Mulch Magic: Creative Ways to Enhance Your Landscape with Wood Chips

Mulch Magic: Creative Ways to Enhance Your Landscape with Wood Chips


Wood chips are so versatile they belong in every garden. The multiple uses they offer mean they can be incorporated into any garden design and provide a valuable addition to your garden’s mini ecosystem. If you need some landscaping ideas or tips on how to use wood chips, we’ve got plenty of ideas. Let’s start with a closer look at the benefits of incorporating wood chips into your garden, before exploring some landscaping ideas.

Why use wood chips in your garden?

There are many benefits to incorporating landscaping hardwood chips into your garden design, the main ones include:


The most obvious and effective benefit of incorporating wood chips into your garden is mulching. Wood chips provide the ideal mulch for gardens, creating a protective layer which retains moisture, regulates soil temperature and minimises weed growth.

Minimising erosion

Wood chips degrade slowly, making them effective for erosion prevention in your garden. By reducing water runoff and stabilising soil structure, they help prevent soil erosion caused by strong winds or heavy rain. This is especially beneficial for gardens on a slope.

Creative ways to use wood chips

You can incorporate wood chips in your garden in several ways to improve how it works and how it looks including:

Bringing life to your flower beds and growing areas

You want your garden to bloom with colour and vibrancy and laying down wood chips will help encourage growth and add a consistent, attractive base to your beds and growing areas. Fewer weeds will grow, the soil will retain its moistness and your garden will benefit from an attractive, consistent appearance.

Making unusual and creative pathways

Hardwood chips work wonderfully as an alternative to a hardscaped pathway and add character and playfulness to your garden. Wood chips benefit from high durability but low maintenance care and a pathway is easy to make, you can just cut out a pathway through your garden, lay a weed membrane and equally spread your wood chips over the top.

Creating safe, attractive play areas

Safety is your top concern as a parent of young children, but you want them to have fun too. A deep bed of hardwood chips can provide the soft landing children need as they slide off play equipment and enjoy your outdoor space. Wood chips look more natural and fit in better with most garden designs than hard traditional playground surfaces.

We love sharing inspiration for your gardens using our wood chip products, you can explore more Bark garden ideas here too.