Bark Chips

The usage of ornamental bark chippings is a budget and maintenance-friendly way to cover unattractive soil. They are good for many uses within the garden and larger landscape projects, like a decorative finish to borders, flower beds and other planted areas. The bark chips can also be used as a border bark mulch covering, offering protection from frost and helping to retain moisture. Our bark chips have a 5-35 millimetre particle size and are sourced from mixed conifer with a large amount of spruce and pine.

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What are bark chippings?

Bark chips are made from, you already guessed it, the bark of a tree. They differ from wood chips in their more decorative function. Bark chippings are best suited for landscaping projects where budget is key, but there is also the need for a decorative product. Yet, bark chips don't just look attractive, they also act as a mulch that suppresses garden weeds, helps to retain soil moisture and during extreme temperatures, it will help to protect plant roots from frost. As the soft bark chips slowely decompose, they re-vitalise the soil structure, permeability, bioactivity, and nutrient availability which are all important for maintaining healthy plants.

Buy Bark Chippings online | BARK UK Online

Buy Bark Chippings Online | BARK UK Online

How to use ornamental bark?

Bark can be applied at any time of year, as long as the soil is moist. A layer of ornamental bark should be at least 5 centimetres thick to reduce unnecessary evaporation from the soil surface. We supply bark in easy to handle 70-litre bags and larger bulk bags at competitive prices. Our fast delivery service means that if you order with us before 12.00 pm on a working day, the bark will be delivered within three working days! We supply many different types of bark: these are grouped into play bark materials and decorative bark chipping materials. If you have any questions regarding our product range, please contact us.
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